Air Purifier Industry Alliance of China


To enhance China's air purification industry and to promote the industry for further growing and development, “Air Purifier Industry Alliance of China” (APIAC) is established in Shanghai based on the technical standards. Alliance is sponsored by the manufacturers and sales enterprises of air purifier industry’s product in China and related inspection, research, academic institutions and standardization organizations as nonprofit organization. The alliance is built upon the key players of the air purifier, and with the guarantee of advanced products detectability, relying on the professional technology research institutions, to make high requirement, high level and high technology assessment methods and advanced technical standards and to become comprehensive public service platform. Under the implementation of the democracy management, the alliance adheres to the principle of fair, impartiality and open. Alliance represents the joint of most outstanding air purifier enterprises in China, is the standard model of excellent reputation, with the scale, healthy development and well-organized management of enterprises group. It will face to the air purifier industry of China to play the role of scientific innovation, to solve the common problems of enterprises and industry and to provide a public service platform. The foundation of the alliance will not only successfully realize the best rights balance among production services suppliers, consumers and other parties in the field of home air purifier but also provide the solid basic security to a health and ordered development of China’s home air purifier industry.


Alliance is the organization that is committed to the development of China’s air purifier industry. Enterprises are the mainstay to unite the corporate forces, to play the corporate collective wisdoms, to explore and continuously to improve the operation mode of the alliance. Following the equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages and cooperation win-win in principle, it is to integrate the development resources and optimize the industrial development environment; It is to assist the government to achieve the industry self-regulation, to improve the self-development of the alliance members, and to promote the overall image of the air purifier industry, to enhance the market influence of the members and to propel rapid and proper development of the air purifier industry.


To give full play as the bridge and link of the alliance, to achieve effective communication and exchange, and to jointly create and optimize the industrial development environment; Under the support and guidance of government, it is to standardize the behavior of the alliance members in order to avoid disorderly competition and to safeguard the interests of the members; To formulate the industry alliance standards, and to make an effort to promote it to become the industry and national standards.